Exhibiting a preference for:

  1. simplicity of form;
  2. a clear and rational structure;
  3. well-proportioned spaces that are well lit;
  4. rigorously simple detailing inside and out;
  5. clarity and economy amongst combined systems;
  6. logical construction
  7. design that is accessible to its audience, being a product of an intelligible culture drawn from the world around

Monteyne Architecture Works practices a problem-solving approach to design that achieves a synthesis of the client’s needs and aspirations, while working within the processes of contemporary construction, and using aesthetic principles that are appropriate to the specific project. The first step is to develop a concept that fulfills the functional requirements of the users in an elegant manner. At this formative stage of the project, a strategy for construction that encompasses all the materials, systems, and equipment of the building is determined. The aesthetic agenda grows out of the client’s intentions and is mediated by the logic of the construction. This allows the design to develop in accordance with set cost and construction parameters, such that the final product can be produced on budget and on time.

In order to achieve this desired result, a close relationship between client and design team is established at the start and maintained through to the grand opening and beyond. The principals are involved in all phases of the production of a job, from conceptual design through to construction. This is the methodology that we apply to all of our design projects, big or small. The work of the firm reflects the partners’ range of interests over the broad field of design. Buildings, the traditional emphasis of an architectural practice, range in size from a simple cottage to larger institutional, commercial, and recreational complexes. Renovations to existing buildings, the design of interiors, the design of furniture, and the design of retail marketing systems, round out the practice. What unifies this body of work is that no matter the size or budget, each project is considered holistically, with the goal of providing to the client an environment that is useful and appropriate, well-built, and beautiful.