Given the variety of projects that we work on, we typically utilize one of three service scenarios to calculate design fees.

Basic Service Fee

  • Generally used to calculate fees for designing and overseeing the construction of built environment projects such as buildings, exterior environments such as gardens, and interiors.
  • This fee includes the fees of all architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical design consultants required to construct the project.
  • These services are performed in five sequential phases: Schematic Design; Design Development; Construction Documents; Bidding and Negotiation; and Administration of the Contract During Construction.
  • The fees for this first service scenario are calculated as a percentage of the cost of construction. The percentage rate varies with the size and complexity of the project.
  • This service and fee scenario can be calculated as "architect-only", allowing the owner to establish individual contracts with each consultant.

Time-Based Fee

  • The preferred method of calculating fees on small unique projects for which it is difficult to anticipate the extent of our involvement. We also use this fee calculation method to charge for pre-approved work being changed, some kinds of feasibility studies, and for acting as a professional witness.
  • This fee can include additional consultants as required
  • Fees are calculated using pre-approved rates by the hour and per diem.

Fixed Fee

  • On projects where the parameters can be clearly defined, a lump sum or fixed fee can provide a client with the peace of mind that comes from knowing with precision their financial commitment for design services.
  • This fee would be calculated using mutually agreed to rates with an upset limit of hours. Fees for additional consultants are obtained as required by the project and as approved by the client


The following disbursements are charged to the client at cost plus 5%:

  • Long distance phone and fax charges
  • Travel expenses if required
  • Courier deliveries
  • Printing costs


Typically, invoices would be submitted by our office at the completion of each major phase of the project, or on a monthly basis if more appropriate to ongoing projects.