Our Process


Some of our clients have a great deal of experience in working with architects. But the majority of people are unsure about the process or, what to look for in an architect. In all of our dealings with clients, our approach and inclination is to be as straight forward, upfront, and transparent as possible.


Using a combination of physical and digital model making, we normally generate a profusion of creatively unique solutions for our clients’ projects. Clearly drawn and labeled plan, section, and elevation drawings complete the graphic tool-kit we utilize on every project. These drawings and models are used to guide design development meetings between the client group and the design team, where the design is evolved and resolved.


We work hard to resolve our designs so that they are practical to build, cost what they are supposed to cost, and arrive when expected. Our broad project repertoire means that we have experience resolving projects at many scales and using a variety of construction methods. We find satisfaction in the resolution of a design for construction, believing that there is inherent beauty and intrinsic value in the well thought out detail. Experience with building in Winnipeg and a few other cities, in Provincial Parks, and on lakes, rivers, and oceans, means that we are very well accustomed to navigating the web of regulation that governs the construction of the built environment in Canada.


Until we get to the job site, the design of buildings can feel like a theoretical pursuit that involves drawing nice pictures, building models, and estimating costs.  But once the shovel hits the dirt, the compelling realities of construction become starkly clear, and it is always best to be well-prepared. Throughout the building process, we maintain a vigilant stance in order to ensure that the building is executed in accordance with the design documentation. We pay attention to the minutia of detail that in totality, produce the crucial level of quality expected. We attend to and interpret the clients’ interests, producing additional details and instructions as required to keep the process flowing along smoothly.


From conception to the delivery, we will be there to navigate the arcane world of building design and construction, on your behalf.