Our working philosophy prompts us to resist the tendency to see the world only as a marketplace of commodities to be bought, sold and manipulated.  We strive to be sensitized to the unique landscapes, natural preserves, and cultural communities that dot our maps.  We aspire to be responsible stewards of the global environment and to maximize the value of the resources at hand.  In all our efforts, our primary goal is to get the best design for the best price, for the client, society, and the planet.

Our faith in the value of design motivates us to respond effectively to an equally committed client.  Consequently, we seek clients with the courage to consider the possibilities of a building that serves their needs while at the same time, contributes to the public life of their community.  We enjoy working for people who are not afraid to genuinely examine how they live and work, and how their material possessions fit in to a world overflowing with consumer goods.  We believe in the value of designing things that are both good-looking and well-built, so that they endure for the long term.  We believe in the physical and psychological well-being that emanates from a calm, ordered environment.   We believe that good design does not need to be expensive, and that a drop of imagination can be more valuable than a bucket of money.

Monteyne Architecture is a member of the
Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)

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